Brook Fine Arts Academy (referred to herein as “Brook,” "Brook Fine Arts," "BFAA," or “we,” “us,” “our” and other similar pronouns) has a passion for fine arts. On scheduled dates throughout the year, BFAA will host art shows for the purpose of increasing brand awareness of BFAA, increase awareness of local craft shop owners and artists (a person experienced in and practicing a craft including, but not limited to, sculpting, painting, drawing, and other means of visual and/or physical creativity), and driving overall support for fine arts communities in the Tulsa and surrounding areas. Artists are invited to apply for a booth at a BFAA art show.

Eligible Artists

Any artist or craft shop owner ("Artist" or "Artists") may be deemed eligible to display, advertise, and sell their art at the BFAA location during scheduled BFAA art show times. Artists must formally or verbally request and/or submit an application for a booth. Artists must request and be approved for a booth no less than one week prior to the first day of the desired art show. All artists to host a booth at a BFAA art show may be subject to a mandatory background check for the security and safety for members, students, employees, partners, and guests of BFAA.

Arts and/or crafts may be deemed dangerous by BFAA. If an art and/or craft is deemed dangerous, it is, by default, not allowed on site at the BFAA location. Artists may be permitted to bring an art and/or craft that is deemed dangerous by BFAA if they have verifiable, written permission to do so that has been signed by Jeffery Prescott or Pamela Prescott.

BFAA reserves the right to refuse any artist or craft shop owner the right to a booth at a BFAA art show for any and/or no reason.

Artist Registration

As stated above, artists must request and be approved for a booth no less than one week prior to the first day of the desired art show. In addition, artists must submit a $50 deposit upon approval for a booth. This $50 deposit is an insurance that the artist in question will adhere to all previously stated and following terms and conditions. In the event that all terms and conditions are upheld, the artist will be refunded their $50 deposit upon request. However, in the event that these terms and conditions are not upheld, the $50 deposit will not and shall not be refunded to the artist.

Booth Allocation

Available booths are distributed on a first come first serve basis. Upon approval of registration for a booth and submission of the $50 deposit, artists may choose from the remaining (if any) available booths. If there are no available booths, the artist will be put on a waiting list in the event that an artist who has already acquired a booth cancels or does not arrive on time without prior notification. If no booth is made available for an artist on the waiting list, that artist will be refunded their $50 deposit upon request.

Setup and Teardown

Specific and limited setup and teardown times will be announced for each art show. Artists are required to setup their booth during the allocated setup time unless the artist gives prior notice AND receives written permission to setup at a different time.

Artists are recommended to teardown during the allocated teardown times, but may also teardown during setup and showing times. Artists may not teardown during hours that are outside of the allocated times for setup, showing, and teardown without verifiable written permission from Jeffery Prescott or Pamela Prescott.



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