7 Tips to Having the BEST Virtual Lesson Experience

Have the Best Lesson Experience Anywhere You Are

    In a world where everyone is staying home and everything is going online, people need to find something to do. Boredom is very dangerous. Those little people we call children bounce off the walls, drive everyone to their limits, and just outright get into trouble. We understand that you need a break. So give those cute little sunshine smiling, mommy loving, terrors something to do. VIRTUAL MUSIC LESSONS! Thats right. Just because the world stoped doesn't mean that your little darling's musical growth has to. Violin, guitar, voice, piano, art, you name it. If they're going to make loud noises and color on the walls, you might as well make sure that it's pretty. Here's how to have the best virtual lesson experience.

1 ) Proper Equipment

    I know that you know. But that doesn't mean that your little angle does too. Make sure that the WIFI is working, their device is connected, and that it has plenty of battery life. You want your little one to enjoy their lesson experience, so make sure that their little hearts don't break when the tablet dies. Make sure that everything is working.

2 ) Have Them Practice 10 Minutes Beforehand

    They're used to showing up, waiting, and then going into their lesson. But now, they are presented with a unique opportunity. They can practice before their lesson starts. Have them warm up before the lesson starts. They can run through their scales, test their vocal range, play some of their guitar rifts, perfect that drum pattern, or work on shading techniques for their art class. This helps the students get the most out of their lesson because it gives the teacher more time to, well, teach.

3 ) Be There for Your Little One

    You're an adult, we're adults, they're little kids. Sometimes our young ones have a tough time understanding or following directions. You know your kid better than anyone AND you can understand what the teacher is saying. It can be very helpful to the student if their parent is right there with them, helping to relieve some stress from your child and the teacher.

4 ) Put a Reminder on Your Calendar

    It happens all the time. We're not in our daily routine anymore and it's easy to forget that there's a lesson. You go shopping for school supplies, go visit nana's house, or have a play date. Make sure that Junior gets a lesson.

5 ) Put Them Somewhere They can Focus

    They're all set up and everything's ready to go, but there's too many distractions. The dog is barking at a squirrel, the other kids are throwing legos across the room, and there is a movie on max volume. Sound familiar? The best way to have a good lesson experience is to put them in a room where they can close the door and they get the whole half hour to themselves. The dog is shut out, the TV volume is turned down, and the siblings are playing somewhere else.

6 ) Remind Them How Fun Lessons Are

    Nothing helps more than if they are excited for their lesson. It's best if they want to have their lesson. Maybe offer them some ice cream if they do good, or a trip to the park after they're done. If they love what they do, then what they do will love them back.

7 ) Do What Works

    Every family is different, and every member in the family is different. Everyone has something that works for them. Listen to your child and watch out for things that you think will help.

    These are some of the best tips to get the most out of every lesson. Make it a fun and enjoyable experience for everyone. Keep on learning. Remember, every one great has a beginning.

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