5 Different Mediums of Visual Art

The many different ways art can be created visually

    What is art? That's a very hard question to answer. However, it is fairly easy to refer to different types of art. There is dancing, music, poetry, and novels. Yes, those are indeed forms of art, but for most, visual art is what comes to mind. Visual art is incredible because it immortalizes the work of the artist in a way that no other art can. It is a gateway into the mind of the artist. The viewer can see exactly what the artist envisioned in their head, or experience a moment that the artist wanted to share. Here, we are going to talk about some of the broader categories of the visual arts.

1 ) Drawing

    Anyone who has doodled has some experience with drawing. It's everywhere. For people who are bored at work or school, children playing with chalk, or a professional creating a masterpiece with high-end materials. No matter how it's happened, everyone has drawn before. It is the most popular form of visual art and is often the gateway to a world of creativity for people. It is arguably the best for a person to start expressing their artistic visions. It can be taken to complete expression, to hyper realism. Leonardo Da Vinci used a sketch book to keep track of his ideas and inventions.

Different mediums of drawing include:






2 ) Painting

    This one is right up there with painting. Everyone knows it and it's increasingly popular. There are many different ways to paint and it is fairly inexpensive to start painting. Painting has extreme historical value and would be used to decorate churches, government buildings, and lavish homes. It was a sign of status and wealth. Some famous paintings are "Mona Lisa" by Leonardo Da Vinci and "The Starry Night" by Vincent van Gogh.

Different mediums of painting include:





3 ) Sculpting

    Similar to painting, sculpting has extreme historical significance because it was a very difficult form of art that immortalized the figure they were sculpting. Every chisel that cut into the stone created a permeant mark. However, there are many different types of sculpting, and each require precision, patients, and skill.

Different mediums of sculpting include:






4 ) Photography

    In order to take an exceptional photo, one muster understand light, depth, perspective, and shutter speed. Photographers have the exceptional ability of looking at a plan setting and taking fascinating photos while also having the skill to look at a beautiful scene and capturing it all in a way that no one else can.

Different mediums of photography include:

    Portarte photography

    Event photography

    Aerial photography

    Wedding photography

    Fine art photography

5 ) Digital Art

    Digital art is a new form of art that has broadened the horizon of the visual arts. It can simulate many different types of art and has add a few of its own. You can now create whole new worlds in the realm of digital art. Anyone who has access to an electronic device such as a tablet, phone, laptop, or desktop can start digital art for free. Programs like krita, FireAlpaca, and Gimp are great for starters who are just getting into the digital art experience.

Different mediums of digital art include:

    Vector Graphic Images

    3D design

    Raster Graphic Images

    World design

    Gaming sprits

    These are just some of the different mediums of visual arts. There are many more ways a person can express them self using visual arts and many more ways to use those mediums. Brook Fine Arts is a wonderful place to start learning the visual arts and become a master artist. Remember, everyone great has a beginning.

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