14 Jobs that NEED Drawing and Sketching [2021 Update]

Get a leg up over your competition with drawing and sketching

    Doing a quick impressive sketch is a nice party trick, but can it have practical value? Well, yes it can. Drawing and sketching are sought after skills across a number of industries. Let's have a look at a few.

1 ) Animator

    Animators are people who draw frame after frame to create a video game, motion graphics, movie, short film, or just a little clip. They need to be well versed in drawing several different types of objects and people in order to be successful at it. They spend hours creating a master piece that isn't just one picture, but a culmination of hundreds or thousands of hand crafted beauties. Anytime something moves on a screen, an animator had something to do with it.

2 ) Art Teacher

    Well, this one is obvious. Art teachers are the future of our artists. They train young and old minds alike to be able to put the picture in their mind on to a piece of paper. They train the technical skills and help capture amazing angles in order to create a stunning image.

3 ) Cake Decorator

    This one isn't as obvious. Drawing helps build a steady hand, a creative mind, and an understanding of colors that work together. These are all qualities that are needed in cake decorating. A cake decorator is basically a person who creates a delicious edible drawing. They are perfect for weddings, grand birthdays, and epic parties.

4 ) Fashion Designer

    A fashion designer is a person who creates new styles of clothing. They need to be able to draw a human figure for both male and female, draw different sections of clothing so that it all comes together in the way that is intended, and design how the clothing is going to look in the first place. Once again, it takes an understanding of colors that comes with an artistic mind in order to pull off a brand new style that is going to hit the runway.

5 ) Graphic Designer

    A graphic designer is a person who draws using technology. They can draw using a mouse, or a tablet and styles. They often take custom orders from clients or do commissioned work from a company. It requires all the

6 ) Illustrator and Technical Illustrator

    An illustrator turns words into pictures. Stories are now seen in the way the artist imagined it looked and help inspire the imagination of the reader. They are also used to create company logos and brand ideas in order to build awareness of that brand.

    Technical illustrators create charts, diagrams, and tables that make an appearance in textbooks and other research based books.

7 ) Industrial Designer

    These guys are basically inventors. They are the ones who study mechanical engineering, arrow dynamics, gear ratios and so much more. These are the people who design cars, airplanes, trains, tractors, engines, ovens. Basically any type of working machinery was designed by an industrial designer.

8 ) Makeup Artist

    Makeup artists use drawing like no one yet mentioned on this list. Instead of trying to create harsh and precise lines, they are trying to use a vast array of colors to create beautiful makeup to enhance a persons natural beauty. However, it doesn't end there. Makeup artists are also needed to create monsters, creatures, and fictional characters. They make the most amazing and bizarre ideas of living things come to life for movies, plays, and just general costumes.

9 ) Motion Graphics Designer

    This is basically a merge of an animator and a graphics designer, but better. This is about creatine and editing imagery in a live action shot. Create a new world the beautiful 3-D.

10 ) Painter

    Yes, being a painter generally does require some basic understanding of drawing. One must first sketch an outline before painting in their picture if they want to create something that looks real.

11 ) Tattoo Artist

   Imagine drawing on someone's skin, except it's permeant. Using the skills of an artist, a tattoo artist must create something of excellent quality the first time. They listen to what the client wants and interpret that in their own artistic way to create something that lasts forever.

12 ) Architectural Drafter

    An architectural drafter literally designs every building ever. Every floor, wall, and general layout. They are very important and get paid handsomely for it.

13 ) Interior Designer

    Interior designers play off of what the architectural drafter put together. They go into a building and decide what is best to make it look like a comfortable living or work space.

14 ) Advertising Designer

    Commercials, billboards, and online advertisements all need advertising designers. They are the ones who make a brand sell. They get a good product or service out to the public. Ever look at a local restaurant ad and start to feel hungry? That's the work of an advertising designer.

    There you have it. 14 different jobs that require drawing or sketching as a skill. Perhaps you or someone you know could get involved with one of these careers, many of which earning an average annual salary of $60k or more. Remember, everyone great has a beginning.

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