Our Band Concerts

     Every want to be a rock star? Well your journey to greatness can start here at Brook Fine Arts Academy. Our bands have several weekly rehearsals where students practice with the band to put their musical abilities to the test. Students are required to listen to other musicians to make sure they are playing together and are in tune with each other. Students will learn how to bring their talent to the forefront when it is their time to shine and how to fade back into the group when someone else needs to take the limelight.

     If you are ready to start your path to epic rock star fame, then have a look at our band offerings in summer camps and group lessons. If you are looking to attend one of our band concerts, look at the events, check below, or contact us by phone, email, or visit us in person at our regularly scheduled office hours.

Summer Band Camps

      Here at Brook Fine Arts, we believe in giving every student the opportunity to express their musical abilities. Put them to the test by joining one of our summer band camps. Students will be under the instruction of one of our instructors to play together as a group and make epic rock star level music.

     We have band camps during the summer. To find out more or to see when the next band camp is, check the events page, look below, or contact us by phone, email, or visit us in person during regularly scheduled office hours.

Group Lessons

     Summer just not too short? If you want to rock out all year round, ask about our group lessons and see if you can join the band. We accept all ages and encourage any who wants to be in the band to just do it. Don't think your ready? No worries! That is what we are here for. Sign up for private lessons to boost your personal skills and never miss a beat in group band lessons.

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Band Concert

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