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Brook Fine Arts Academy is home to amazing violin teachers. Students will learn the basics of violin with proper posture, bow hold, and how to read notes on the treble clef. More advanced skills will be built on those basics including vibrato, shifting, double stops, harmonics, intonation, and advanced bow techniques. Lessons are structured around a one-on-one format that allows the teacher to focus on each and every students individual needs. See where violin lessons can take you.

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The violin is a very historically significant instrument and has played major roles in all of classical music. From full symphony orchestras to individual solos, the violin has been used in every form of classical music. It is one of the most popular instruments and has found its way into so many modern forms of music including pop, rock, hiphop, and soul. At Brook Fine Arts, students gain a classical foundation that allows them to explore more forms of music.



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