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Brook Fine Arts Academy is home to college level viola instructors. Students gain advanced viola abilities like vibrato, double stops, and shifting. All while building on the basics of reading the alto clef, learning proper bow hold, and practicing good posture. Viola lessons operate in a one-on-one format that allows the teacher to target specific needs that each student has. This makes for a unique student teacher relationship that encourages the student to excel. To have the best viola lesson experience, don't forget to bring your viola, its case, the bow, your music, and a pencil. See where viola lessons can take you.

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The viola is an underrated instrument that not many people know about. It serves as a middle ground between the violin and cello while producing its own unique warm and colorful tones. It is most popular in classical settings such as chamber music, orchestra, and even some solos. However, viola music has seen its fair share in pop music and a little bit of rock.



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