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Brook Fine Arts Academy is home to some of Tulsa's favorite cello teachers. Students learn advanced cello skills including shifting, harmonics, double stops, thumb position, and vibrato. All of which are built on the basics like reading bass clef, good posture, and a relaxed bow hold. Our cello lessons take place in a one-on-one environment to help each and every student excel. The lessons are designed to cater to every student's individual needs. To have the absoulte best lesson experience, you need to keep a few things handy. Your cello, case, bow, music, and pencil are the most important things to bring. Bring a rockstop if your cello needs it. See where cello lessons can take you.

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The cello is a beloved instrument of almost every string instrument enthusiast. The cello is a very old instrument that has been prominent in folk and all forms of classical music. However, its fame has propelled it into genres such as classic and hard rock, pop, and the like. Brook Fine Arts Academy builds every cello student on the foundation of classical techniques while exploring more modern music along the way.



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