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Art Classes and Group Music Classes are offered at Brook Fine Arts. Art Classes are offered at various times during the week on a monthly basis for students wanting to explore Sculpting, Painting, and Drawing. Sculptors will experience various media such as rock, cardboard and wood. Painters can try different types of paints like watercolors, acrylics, oils and more. Experiment with charcoal, graphite, prismacolor in our Drawing classes. There is so much to explore as students see their imaginations created before their own eyes.

Group Music classes are offered ​monthly​ for those who want to learn a different instrument (Piano, Violin, Drums, Guitar, Ukulele, etc.). No matter the instrument, students can learn in a group with their friends and peers. 

Ensembles are offered for those who are familiar with their instrument and desire to perform in a group or band. Ensembles encourage the students to learn composition, popular favorite tunes and team building skills that last a lifetime.

 NEW Art Classes  and Group MUSIC Classes

Brook Fine Arts continues music lessons all year including the summer months of June and July. Musical Theatre Camps are offered various weeks during summer. Students participate for one week about three hours per day learning various songs, choreography, and dialogue from popular musicals with a performance at the end of the week for family and friends.

Art Camps are a week of introductory exposure to various art forms and materials that spark the imagination and encourage creativity. 

Group Music Camps allow your student to be introduced to various instruments and learning in a group setting.

Join our talented energetic staff for all of your summer fun!



Brook Fine Arts has two large recital halls on site for recitals, performances, dance and more. We offer optional low pressure recitals at least twice a year; 4-8 recitals scheduled on a weekend (winter and spring) so that families may have a choice of time. Other optional recitals include the Costume Recital, Ensemble Recital, and Pop Rock Recital. Look for dates and registration times as the recitals become available throughout the year.